Coaching is a powerful and sacred relationship co-created by the coach and the client. As your coach, Linda listens deeply, asks powerful questions, and helps you reconnect with your spiritual source, so you can be more authentic, intentional, focused, successful and happy. Coaching keeps you accountable. If you become stuck or overwhelmed, we work together to shift you from the inside out, so you can get back on track as you create the life and business of your dreams.

Developed by Linda Landon, Power of Pause coaching is a radical approach to business and personal coaching; it integrates principles from the New York Times bestseller, The Four Agreements®, The Work of Byron Katie, Linda’s innovative process, Speak with Confidence, and other life-changing methods Linda has successfully used with clients for over twenty years.


Private One-on-One Coaching
Partner Coaching
Group TeleCoaching
Coaching for your Organization


Executives, managers, and their teams learn The Power of Pause, a simple four-step process, to permanently solve problems by addressing and shifting them at their source - inside themselves:

1. Wake Up: Identify the problem

2. Become Aware: Look inside yourself to determine what's really going on

3. Shift your thinking patterns... and

4. Take Effective Action to solve the problem



Benefits of Power of Pause Coaching:

• Isolation
• Feeling overwhelmed
• Frustration
• Burnout and stress
• Low employee morale
• Reduced productivity

And improve:
• Sales and profitability
• Focus
• Communication
• Decision-making
• Strategic planning
• Teamwork

Bring balance and joy back into your life.


Getting Started

You and Linda meet for a free consultation. Together we review your business - its overall vision as well as its immediate ‘hot spots'- and discuss how coaching will benefit you, build your business, and support your quality of life.

Next you schedule an introductory coaching session with Linda so you can experience Power of Pause Coaching. If it's a fit for you, you contract to meet on a regular basis. To lay a strong foundation for success, you are encouraged to make an initial commitment to three months of coaching.

Call Linda today at (310) 202-6722.

  Private One-on-One Coaching

Individual sessions focus on you - and your business. You may choose to meet with Linda in person or over the phone. For those with jam-packed schedules - such as busy executives, frequent travelers, and working mothers - phone sessions provide maximum flexibility. And they are just as powerful as face-to-face sessions!

  Partner Coaching

Two people share a session via a telephone conference line or in person. This format is particularly effective for business partners or two people who share a common goal.

  Group TeleCoaching

Group Coaching, which is tailored to clients with similar goals, can be an economical alternative to private sessions, or a powerful way to integrate learning from a one-day training (see Workshops). The mutual sharing of resources, perspectives, and support creates a powerful container for success. We usually meet on a conference phone line or webinar. Between group calls you pair up with another member of the group to do fieldwork and practice accountability. Groups are kept small to optimize the value for each participant.

  Coaching for your Organization

After you have established your one-on-one coaching relationship, you may bring Linda on site to work with your team. Strategies used at your workplace may include:

• Four Agreements Workshops
• Leadership Training
• Power of Pause Seminars to Overcome Fear of Speaking
• Team Coaching

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To get started call Linda at (310) 202-6722.


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