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Your First Thought

“Guided by Linda's intuition and
compassion, I have put my dreams
into reality and embraced my authentic self.”

~ Sharon L., Consultant


If you find that your life is teetering out of balance and you are caught up in an endless cycle of doing, you are not alone. Many people have chosen to work with Linda because they are feeling overwhelmed and out of control in their business and life. They have lost touch with what really matters to them. They long to be authentic, to stop struggling, and to reclaim a sense of meaning and purpose. 

This book and audio CD, developed over years of Linda's work with clients, will teach you how to cultivate the power of pause. When we learn to pause, even in the most stressful situations, we can rest in the moment, shift our perception, clearly see our truth, and take right action to create an authentic and fulfilling life.

The first part of the book contains writings with experiential exercises that you can practice on your own or with a partner. The CD, recorded in Linda's voice, guides you though the exercises described in the book. Some of these guided meditations can be practiced while lying in bed, some while sitting in meditation, and some as you move through your day. At the end of the book are several additional writings which you might also enjoy. 

We hope you find this book and CD helpful in
bringing balance and joy back into your life.

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CDs of Linda's Seminars:

Each lively and interactive CD introduces one of The Four Agreements® and teaches you how to make it real in your life.

You are guided through the powerful DreamShifting process to help you break limiting beliefs and thoughts and apply The Four Agreements to transform yourself - and your business - from the inside out.

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Introducing Linda Landon: Interview on Infinite Love Radio

Interviewed by host Michelle Morovaty, Linda shares how she has faced and overcome significant life challenges, obstacles and adversity - and then inspires you to transform every aspect of your life. She introduces DreamShifting, a simple four-step process that integrates spiritual principles from New York Times' bestselling The Four Agreements to effectively solve problems by identifying and shifting them at their source - inside you.



Shift Your Perspective and Change Your Life: The Power of Your Word

Who is your worst enemy? You are. Does anyone speak to you as harshly as you speak to yourself? Language is your most powerful tool. Learn how to use words to change your inner world and every business relationship.



Don't Take Things Personally: Stay Calm in Any Situation

Free yourself from the opinions and actions of others, stay peaceful in any situation, take effective action, and inspire your team to excel. First you examine the stress caused by taking something personally. Then Linda guides you through an exercise to shift into a totally new perspective that eliminates stress, clears up communication and brings peace.



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