Linda Landon & Associates offer a variety of workshops and trainings for business professionals, executives, managers, and their teams. These can be held on-site or at any location of your choice.

Our interactive programs teach participants how to integrate spiritual principles into their work and lives, enhancing their capacity to be authentic and present in each moment. This awareness leads them to a higher level of performance and fulfillment than they've achieved before.

They learn how to look within, identify what's not working, determine what's really going on and uncover limiting agreements, beliefs and thoughts. Then they are guided to shift into a perspective that is closer to the truth, and usually more positive, resilient, and energizing. Having discovered that perceived problems and challenges are actually doorways to new and more effective solutions, they can take powerful, focused action to produce more, unleash their creativity, and expand their businesses to the next level.

Continuing Education units are available for
California MFTs and LCSWs.




Ask Linda how she can
customize any of her
workshops to suit
the needs of your team.

The Power of Pause: Speak With Confidence

Did you know that most people's number one fear is of speaking in front of others? Are fear and anxiety about presenting holding you back in your career and in your life?

These innovative group classes, based on Speaking Circles®, teach you how to have a relaxed and powerful presence that will engage, inspire and motivate anyone listening to you, no matter where you are or what is going on around you. Whether addressing clients, colleagues, employees, or a room full of strangers,Power of Pause: Speak With Confidence will help you become a masterful, compelling and confident speaker, and positively impact every aspect of your life.

Power of Pause: Speak With Confidence teaches you to authentically and immediately connect with your audience and ensure that your message is seen, heard, delivered, and received. You will learn how to capture your audience's attention even before a word is spoken.

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The Four Agreements
® at Work

Do you feel isolated or overwhelmed at work?
It doesn't have to be this way!

Find out how to transform yourself and all your relationships using
New York Times bestseller The Four Agreements.

Practicing these four simple principles, along with Linda Landon's Power of Pause process, can calm the chatter in your mind, improve how you relate to yourself and others, and strengthen your whole organization. When we learn to listen openly and receive criticism without reacting negatively, we respond more effectively - especially under stress. We become more authentic and confident leaders, professionals, and co-workers.

This series can be taught as a Class or Teleclass:

Session I
- Be Impeccable with Your Word
Session II - Don't Take Anything Personally
Session III - Don't Make Assumptions
Session IV - Always Do Your Best*



*The Four Agreements © 1997, don Miguel Ruiz. By permission of Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc.
P.O. Box 6657, San Rafael, CA 94903. All rights reserved.

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