Individual Coaching for
Business Professionals in Recovery

If you are in recovery, we place special emphasis on breaking addictive patterns and building accountability to boost confidence and prevent relapse. You are guided to envision what you want in your life, re-shape your business to support this vision, and take action to create a fulfilling and joyful sober life.

Would you like to:

• Reduce stress and drama?
• Calm the chatter in your mind?
• Radically improve how you relate to yourself and others?
• More effectively counsel your clients or supervise your team?

Executives and managers breaking free from addiction can feel especially isolated, overwhelmed, or afraid they’ll relapse when they re-enter the workplace.


Through Power of Pause Coaching, we can help you:

• Identify fear-based patterns and beliefs that have run your life and led you to addiction
• Break your addictive patterns
• Shift from the inside out
• Take authentic action to transform your business and your life.

Power of Pause Coaching supports you to take full responsibility for creating a fulfilling and joyful sober life. Relationships will improve, your energy will increase, profits will soar, and your self confidence will replace fear as you shift from being a victim to the creator of your life. You will learn to perceive problems as opportunities for growth and experience the power and joy of being your authentic self.

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