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Recovery Coaches

Would you like the support of a dynamic environment to revitalize your coaching, exchange ideas on how to grow your business, and move you into mastery?

Now forming:

Mentor Group for certified coaches who are already Recovery Coaches or who want to expand into the world of Recovery Coaching.




As a qualified Recovery Coach, it has become apparent to me that there is a gap in the coaching community: unlike therapists, we do not have available to us the resource of on-going supervision - unless we enroll in advanced levels of training or work privately with a mentor coach. And there is even less support available in the growing field of Recovery Coaching.

Lack of on-going supervision can make us feel isolated, allow us to develop habitual ways of working, and we can lose our "edge". Meeting on a regular basis with our peers and an experienced mentor can revitalize our coaching, provide a dynamic environment in which to exchange ideas on how to grow our businesses, and move us into mastery.



The group will:
Address specific client issues.
Provide support and guidance as you market and build a thriving business.
Teach specific Recovery Coaching Skills.
Provide an opportunity for peer coaching.
Introduce innovative techniques to enhance self-care and eliminate stress.
Offer new tools to grow your competency as a coach.

It includes:
Two phone meetings a month.
(2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 7:00 - 8:15 pm PT)
One individual phone session a month.
Training towards becoming an affiliate of Linda Landon & Associates.

Contact Linda for more information and to arrange an interview.


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