"What can you do right now to turn your life around?
(Take a moment to feel) gratitude." ~ The Secret


A new decade has arrived bringing to Southern CA drenching rains, thunder and lightning, hailstorms, and temperatures dropping into the mid 40s! When the sun finally breaks through to illuminate snow-covered mountains outside my office window, I pause to gaze in awe. This issue's article reveals how I recently used The Power of Pause to shift from fear to gratitude. Our new column shows you how to make pausing part of your daily life; feel free to email us your suggestions to share in future issues!

With warm appreciation, Linda

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Linda Landon, ACC, is a business and recovery coach, author, speaker and trainer, who helps professionals connect with their inner genius so they can be authentic, intentional, powerful, successful, and happy. Linda has more than 20 years experience in marketing, sales, business consulting and coaching, and is the president of Linda Landon & Associates, a Los Angeles-based coaching and training company. She recently published the book and audio CD: The Power of Pause: simple meditations for complicated lives.
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The Power of Pause:
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This new website is dedicated to exploring how to integrate the Power of Pause into every aspect of your life. You can sample Linda's new book and CD, read about Power of Pause coaching, or sign up for a Power of Pause retreat.


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  The Power of Pause From Fear to Gratitude

Several weeks ago I woke up after a night of torrential rains, to the unmistakable sound of 'drip, drip, drip' outside my bedroom door. I got out of bed and walked into the hallway to discover a pool of water forming on the landing of the stairwell. Above me on the ceiling was small hole with a crack extending several feet in both directions. I felt my heart start to pound, my chest tighten, and my mind fog over with anxiety - and recognized that my old friend Fear was coming for a visit.

I sat down, took a deep breath, and paused. In a moment my heart slowed down, my chest softened, and my mind started to clear. I realized that I was absolutely fine, and would take whatever action needed to remedy this predicament. So I lay on my back, looked up at the ceiling, and with curiosity, watched little bubbles forming along the edges of the crack.

Shifting my gaze to my paintings hanging on the walls and the brilliant sunlight flowing in through the window, I let myself fill with gratitude. I got up and walked from room to room, gazing in astonishment at all I've assembled to create a home: Shelves of well-read books, photographs of loved ones, comfy furniture, my computer and office paraphernalia, an amaryllis exploding into bloom, statues and other artifacts from my travels, and my cat basking (curled up on a cushion) in the sunlight. The joy I experienced made it easy for me to go out on my roof and survey the damage.

Life constantly changes, and sometimes that can throw us off balance. Though I am able to stay calm and present with my clients, and most of the surprises life brings, occasionally something arises that makes me feel powerless and out of control - leaking roofs being one of them.  At these moments it is essential that I remember to pause... and shift into Gratitude.

~ Linda


How to use The Power of Pause,
starting today:



  • Next time you stop at a traffic light, look up and appreciate the color of the sky.

  • Play with your spouse, child or pet - and let them show you how.

  • Before you fall asleep, recall one thing you did in the day that you feel good about.
Would you like to tell us how you pause in the middle of your busy day? Email us and we will share your tip in our next issue.


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