"The deep roots never doubt spring will come." ~ Marty Rubin

  The Key to a Thriving Business is... Relationship

Business as we know it is undergoing a rebirth. The traditional system of hierarchical top down leadership is dying out to be replaced by one that is co-creative, collaborative, organic, and….. relational. Research shows that employees are more likely to stay for the long term and work productively when they feel that they are an integral part of the team - not another cog in the wheel. Those who feel seen, listened to, appreciated, and significant enjoy going to work, because they realize that their contribution matters.

A business system is like a family system - people can hide out and do their own thing or they can work together towards a common goal. Leaders who consciously create an environment where individuals are supported, encouraged and rewarded for expressing their unique qualities, have happy and productive employees who stay for the long term and generate sustainable growth and profitability. These leaders put relationship first.

In the old paradigm, many well-meaning executives become so busy trying to run their business that they don't have space (or skill) to recognize dysfunctional team dynamics, let alone take the time to receive feedback, and improve their interactions. Though they sense that their team is not functionally optimally, instead of inviting feedback and collaboration, they put their heads down, forge ahead, and focus on their agenda.  On the other hand, team members who might be able to provide insightful feedback about their boss's unintended impact may hesitate to speak up because they fear losing their job. What ensues for all is stress, frustration, reduced morale, and squelched creativity.

Clients often choose to work with me because their business is stagnant, and they are exhausted. Through coaching they discover that the success of their business depends on trying something new - and sometimes uncomfortable, at least at first: Instead of pushing themselves and everyone harder, they shift their focus to fostering productive and harmonious relationships with everyone on their team.

In our work together, they dig within themselves to uncover unconscious tendencies that may be transmitting a sense of dominance or control - so they can transform them into behaviors that inspire, provide clarity and direction, and convey a sense of safety. In a safe environment, trust builds, communications become straightforward, tensions ease, and collaboration flows. Team members become engaged, enthusiastic and accountable, their overall performance elevates, and profitability follows. 

Though not easy, this work is immensely satisfying. It takes tremendous courage to cultivate self-awareness, move through the barriers of fear, resistance, and doubt, take unprecedented action, and move from isolation into collaboration.  What emerges is often surprising and unexpected - a sense of deep inner knowing, renewed creativity, grounded presence, and trust in the unlimited possibility of relationship.


  Free Workshop

Free Workshop

The Enneagram: A tool to help you better understand yourself and others

Wednesday, June 12
7:00 - 8:00 pm
West Side Location

The Enneagram is well known map of consciousness that combines psychological and spiritual understandings of the human condition.

This powerful tool can help us:

  • Cultivate our inherent gifts and integrate them into every aspect of our lives

  • Understand how others think and feel, so we can easily connect and deepen our relationships

  • Recognize and shift our self-defeating patterns

  • Become more skillful in our communications

  • Open our hearts and follow our desire

In this FREE evening event you will learn the nine Enneagram personality types, and steps you can take to identify your dominant Enneagram type - so you can deepen your relationships.

For more information and to register,
email info@lindalandon.com

  How to use The Power of Pause, starting today:

First thing in the morning set a positive intention for your day.

If you have to make a difficult phone call, pause, smile, and imagine sending that person some appreciation; then pick up the phone.

Once a day for at least five minutes, sit down, put your feet up, and do absolutely nothing.

Before you walk into a meeting, sense the floor under your feet and breathe.

At the end of the day, take a moment to remember one thing you did that felt really good.

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Spring is a time of renewal and connection. The temperature rises, snow melts away, flowers bloom, and animals come out from hibernation. As humans we too feel the urge to renew and transform ourselves - and deepen our relationships. This Spring Newsletter focuses on relationship as a key for transformation.

With warm appreciation,

1. The Key to a Thriving
    Business is Relationship

2. How to Use the Power
    of Pause

3. Free Worshop on The
    Enneagram - a tool to
    help you better
    understand yourself
    and others

4. Upcoming Speaking Event

Linda Landon, PCC (MCC pending), is a business and recovery coach, author, speaker and facilitator. Now trained in Deep Coaching, an approach that integrates the Enneagram as a tool to deepen awareness, she helps professionals connect with their inner genius so they can be authentic, intentional, powerful, successful, and happy. Linda has more than 20 years experience in coaching, business consulting, marketing, and sales, and is the president of Linda Landon & Associates, a Los Angeles-based coaching and training company. She is the author of The Power of Pause: simple meditations for complicated lives.

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Upcoming Speaking Engagement
Linda will be presenting at the
3rd Annual West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders in La Quinta, CA

May 30 - June 2, 2013

The Enneagram: A simple and inexpensive tool to open doors in addiction treatment

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