How much longer will you go on sleeping? How much longer are you going to stay oblivious to the immensity of yourself?
~ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

  Consciousness in Business

These days we are hearing the word "consciousness" mentioned not only in spiritual settings, but also in meetings, conferences, corporate trainings, on Oprah, and even in the news. I wonder if it is becoming another buzz word like 'new age' or 'gluten free', and losing its impact.  We may be at risk of tossing around the word while we continue to skim the surface of our lives.

If we say we are becoming more conscious, why do we still choose safe and appropriate parameters of behavior and limit our capacities?

What is consciousness really? How do we live consciously? As leaders, who might we be if we were to cultivate consciousness in ourselves and in our organizations?

Consciousness is defined as "the state of being aware, especially of something within oneself." I would add that consciousness is about choice - it's a commitment to stay awake, present and responsive to what is arising in every moment. Lawrence Koh, a brilliant and successful executive who spoke at the Conscious Leaders' forum1 at University of Santa Monica2 on April 11, defines consciousness (leadership) as not what one does, but how one is. He states that it's quite simple: In every moment we're either operating from a place of fear or a place of love and authenticity.  When we choose to be loving and authentic, we choose consciousness.

Ask yourself: How are you when you're afraid? Do you contract, push and pull, focus on the external and numb out what you're feeling? Some of us freeze and hide, others use fear to motivate us to push through an apparent obstacle.  Regardless of how we respond to fear, we are usually critical of ourselves and others, stressed, and unhappy. We may cling to what we perceive as safety (say a 'stable' job with benefits), and ignore a deeper calling inside ourselves. Though we may achieve some modicum of success, it's at a tremendous price.

How are you when you love? (I'm talking about unconditional love, not the "I'll love you if….." conditional kind of love.) When we love, we're generous, expansive, and open to possibilities. We really listen and are willing to let go of our point of view and open our mind to another's. Time seems to expand as we, and everyone around us, relaxes into the grace of the moment. We surrender into being ourselves.

In business, those who chose to lead from this place of love are authentic and disarming, and fabulously successful. They focus on serving others and know that who they are (and what their company offers) has value. Secure in that, they see that everyone has value. Their loving presence inspires those within their company to do and be their best. This attitude is generative and flows out to touch customers, vendors, and everyone in relationship with the company.

As a coach and mentor, I guide all my clients, especially those who lead others, to awaken into consciousness. This requires sustained courage and commitment, because to become authentic and loving, we much face and move through our fears. The trusting and powerful coaching collaboration facilitates this transformation to happen.

If you would like to explore the realm of consciousness together, feel free to contact me!


  Introducing The Enneagram

The Enneagram3 is an ancient map of consciousness that has roots in many ancient traditions from Mystical Judaism to Christianity to Sufism; and it is informed by psychological theory and recent research in the field of neuroscience. It helps us understand how we perceive, make sense of, and interact with the world. Unlike other assessment tools (such as Myers-Briggs), it combines the psychological with the spiritual to give a full insight into the intricacies of human behavior.

The Enneagram illuminates nine different personality types, one of which tends to be our dominant type. Each type has distinct patterns of thought, emotion, behavior and motivation. Understanding the Enneagram, and your Enneagram type in particular, allows you to gain insight into your automatic patterns so you can become more attuned to how these patterns affect your life and those around you. This awareness frees you to see new possibilities and make choices that are life-affirming and expansive. This can enhance your ability to be more effective, productive, and successful in your personal and professional life.

I am now using the Enneagram with my clients as a powerful tool to enrich the deep work of coaching. For a limited time only contact me to receive a complementary Enneagram Typing session.

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  How to use The Power of Pause, starting today:

• Before you turn on your computer, pause, and sense the ground under your feet.

• Count to ten before and envision a positive outcome before you make that difficult phone call.

• Take a moment to tell a co-worker or colleague how much you appreciate them.

• Pause to consider where you were a year ago, and what you've accomplished since then.

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Welcome to Spring - A time to weed out what's no longer essential and make room for new growth. This issue explores Consciousness and how to weave it in our everyday lives. To deepen your understanding, I am offering free Enneagram Typing Sessions. You can also watch me addressing Stress in the Workplace - on TV! Enjoy.

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