"When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace...." ~ His Holiness, the Dalai Lama


Welcome to spring: A time to re-assess your thinking and consider new possibilities. This issue demonstrates how love can transform you - and your business.  

With warm appreciation, Linda

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1. The Secret to Business Success is Simply...Love

2. Power of Pause Coaching Group for Clinicians in Addiction Recovery

3. How to Use the Power of Pause

4. Stress Reduction Groups for Organizations

5. Mentor Group for Recovery Coaches

6. Upcoming Speaking Engagements



  About Linda Landon

Linda Landon, ACC, is a business and recovery coach, author, speaker and trainer, who helps professionals connect with their inner genius so they can be authentic, intentional, powerful, successful, and happy. Linda has more than 20 years experience in coaching, business consulting, marketing, and sales, and is the president of Linda Landon & Associates, a Los Angeles-based coaching and training company. She is the author of The Power of Pause: simple meditations for complicated lives.
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  Upcoming Events

Mentor Group for Recovery Coaches II

Linda is starting a second mentor group for Recovery Coaches! This is open to any certified coach who wants to expand into the field of Recovery Coaching.
The group will:
• Address specific client issues
• Support you to market and build a thriving business
• Teach specific Recovery Coaching skills
• Provide an opportunity for peer coaching
• Offer new tools to grow your competency as a coach

It includes:
• Two phone meetings per month
• One individual phone session per month
• Training towards becoming an associate with Linda Landon

For further information and to schedule an interview,
e-mail Linda directly.
  Upcoming Speaking

Linda will be presenting at the following conferences: For more information, simply click on the link.

(2nd Annual West Coast Symposium on
Addictive Disorders)

June 2-5, 2011
La Quinta Resort & Club
La Quinta, CA

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(American Business Women's Association)

May 25, 2011
Glendale, CA

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In addition to individual coaching for professionals, we also offer:

 The Power of Pause
- Book with Audio CD

 Power of Pause Stress Reduction Groups

 Recovery coaching for business professionals

 Speak with Confidence individual coaching for presenters

 Power of Pause trainings for CEOs and management teams

 Keynote presentations for conferences

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     The Secret to Business Success
     is Simply...Love

"All you need is love, love, love is all you need" ... I used to think John Lennon's classic lyrics were too simple. Now, decades later I realize that John was ahead of his time, and certainly way ahead of me. He knew that the secret to being successful in life is quite simply to love. This philosophy seems obvious when applied to our personal lives, but so easy to forget when we go to work, where fear and competition often reign.

And it's precisely in the world of business that a shift towards love needs to occur. I'm pleased to see that this shift is gaining recognition, but it is definitely in its infancy. For instance, movements such as Conscious Capitalism1 are emerging based on the belief that the only way to enhance and advance corporate performance is to offer meaning and fulfillment for individuals in the workplace.

Here are two of many stories of ways my clients have used the power of love to transform their businesses... and themselves.

Recently, a client returned to work after being on sick leave for several weeks. To her surprise and relief, she found that not only did her employees do fine without her, they actually enjoyed taking on more responsibility in her absence.

Together we explored how this might have happened. She realized that while she was recuperating, she decided to trust her team and focus on her healing. She also tried out something we had been practicing in coaching - she imagined herself giving her employees approval and empowering them to achieve beyond her previous expectations.

When she returned to work, everyone was proud to demonstrate their newfound capabilities. While she was away, everyone learned to take on more responsibility, and she learned the value in allowing them to do so. This has freed her to let go of micro-managing, take on some creative projects that she had almost given up on, and experience a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment in her work.

Another client had been feeling frustrated with his office manager because she was missing project deadlines, annoying customers, getting sick and missing work. My client was fed up and ready to fire her.

Through coaching he was able to see that his negativity and lack of confidence in the manager had been undermining her performance. He was stunned to see that his lack of confidence was manifesting itself in her actually becoming a problem employee.

So he decided to change his perception of her. I guided him in using The Release Technique2 to let go of disapproving the manager. Then, he was able to give his manager love and approval. Within one week, the employee's performance turned around: deadlines were met, customers were happy, and her many illnesses seemed to disappear. My client proved to himself that the secret to a successful business is simply, to love.


     Power of Pause Coaching Group
     for Clinicians Working in Addiction Recovery


Linda is now starting a coaching group for clinicians who work in the field of addiction recovery. This is open to any therapist or counselor who wants to reduce stress, bring more balance back into their life, and expand their practice.

The group will:
• Support you to market and build a thriving business
• Coach you to achieve your personal and professional goals
• Teach mindfulness skills to relieve stress and prevent compassion fatigue
• Provide an opportunity for peer coaching
• Offer new tools to enhance your proficiency as a clinician
• Reinvigorate your passion and purpose

It includes:
Two phone meetings per month
One individual phone session per month

For further information about this group,
contact Linda directly.

Email: info@lindalandon.com      Phone: (310) 202-6722

     How to use The Power of Pause, starting today:


• In the morning before you get out of bed, think of something you are grateful for.

• As you drive to work, set an intention to bring ease and goodwill to everyone you will meet during the day.

• When you walk your dog, leave your cell phone at home.

• Next time you purchase something, ask the sales person how his day is going, and listen to his answer.

    The Power of Pause: Stress Reduction
    Groups for Your Organization

In this changing economy business leaders are being challenged to reduce costs. This sometimes requires cutting back on programs and staff.

Furthermore, research shows that executives who run addiction treatment facilities experience higher turnover rates than those in any other industry.3

Mounting pressure on any organization's team can increase the rate of:

  • Stress
  • Exhaustion
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability
  • Decreased levels of work satisfaction
  • Compassion Fatigue

And people are more likely to leave their jobs.

These half-hour stress reduction groups provide your staff with the tools and support they need to overcome these challenges, give themselves a much-needed break, and reinvigorate their passion and purpose.

If you are located in the Los Angeles area, Linda will travel to you. If you are outside the LA area, she will conduct the group as a teleconference!

For further information or to arrange an free introductory session:

Email info@lindalandon.com

3Eby, L. T., McCleese, C. S., Owen, C., Baranik, L.E., & Lance, C. E. (October, 2007)


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